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"I'm very impressed with the Hitman Advertising System. The manual is full of great information. Just one successful ad from this kit will pay for itself many times over."

Howard Partridge
Phenomenal Products

“John is one of the most action-oriented people I know. Not content to just collect "good ideas", he is fanatical about implementing and testing ways to grow his business, and the businesses of his clients. If you get the chance to work with him, count yourself lucky!”

Ray Edwards
Copywriter and Consultant

“I love working with John. He has helped us to reach # 1 in google searchs. I always recommend John to all my clients.”

Dusty Roberts
Rugbadger Corporation

"I got to know John a couple of months ago and decided to give his service a shot. He is very thorough and very good. He is reasonably priced and produces great work. In my experiences with John he does what he says and the ads produce and produce big."

Kevin Pearson
Professional Drying Equipment

"John seems to know what he's talking about, being that he has gone to school for advertising and tested what works best. He has the knowledge behind advertising and the experience in the field to know what works. He has helped us come to understand the ranking on google and know what we need to do to see a increase in our business!"

Gary Flynn
Ace Pro Products

"I have begun looking through my package and I must say I am very pleased with what I have seen so far. It is very practical and helpful and I can't wait to put it all into practice. Thanks so much for being willing to share your information."

Matt Richerzhagen
Clean 'n Dry

"Hey John Braun, All I can say is WOW! Your link exchange really DOES work! I too was skeptical, but man was I wrong. My search engine standings have improved tenfold, and the phone is ringing. Can you hear it? CHA-CHING!!! (Ok, so thats not a phone, it's a cash register, but hey, i'll take it.). Glad I decided to sign up. Thanks again. You ARE the man!

Dominick Cassano
Magic Carpet Express Co

"They Laughed When I Said I Was Starting a Carpet Cleaning Business…"

But they stopped laughing when I started making a six figure income.

When I told my mother I was starting a carpet cleaning company, she looked at me and said, "You sure that's what you want?" My in-laws said I should get a real job…my friends were skeptical.

I'd worked with a carpet cleaning company for a couple of months, so I had a little experience. All my research showed a cleaning business had low start up cost and good profit potential.

You May Have Faced Something Like This

I remember my wife's grandfather saying, "You went to college so you could be a carpet cleaner?" Yes, I was only months away from graduating with a degree in advertising.

I didn't pay any attention to them. Entrepreneurism had made its way into my soul. I got out my new shiny credit card and put a HUGE dent in it. An $11,200 dent to be exact. I had never purchased anything that cost that much in my life. Now I was committed. It was go time.

The Yellow Pages Money Pit

I really had little idea where to start, so I took out a small yellow pages ad hoping the calls would pour in. Now, at this time I still had two full semesters left to finish my degree. I had already read a few advertising books and taken a couple intro to advertising classes. But in reality, I only knew enough to make my bank account dangerous.

Targeted Marketing

Through learning and error, I cracked the code and created targeted advertising and built one of the most well-known companies in my city.

Now, I want to pass all I've learned on to you. You can steal all my secrets. You can take the learning curve out of the equation and start making money with your advertising tomorrow. I'll show you how. I'll even give you the actual ads I used to build my own carpet cleaning business.

Could the Internet Be Your Best Advertising?

It's possible, if you market yourself website correctly, your cleaning website can bring you tons of jobs for little money. But your website MUST be set up properly. This is all explained in my planning book. No one in the world has helped as many cleaners get ranked high in the search engines as I have.

Why am I so high on the Internet? Because it's one of the top ways more cleaning companies get their BIGGEST advertising return. When you sign up for my email newsletter below, you'll get my FREE "Google Tips Report" that tells you all about it.

Profitable Advertising The Easy Way

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